Contributor Guidelines

Our goal for this blog is to deliver great, informative teaching content. We believe that data science is for everyone, and we want it to be accessible by everyone. We also believe that learning from your peers is one of the best ways to gain new information and insight on data science trends. We want this blog to be a place where people can share their ideas and content, no matter the skill level.

As a member of the data science community, here are a few areas of interest to choose from:


These are only examples our intern came up with. Don't limit yourself to them!

  • Your blog post must be relevant to the data science community.

  • Submissions can be news updates, completed projects, or step-by-step tutorials. Feel free to embed your video tutorial if applicable.

Thanks Ghost for Beginners.

  • For Tutorials, it's best to be clear and concise. Make sure your audience will know exactly what they will be reading from the start.

  • A technical blog should not promote one particular product. It's fine to mention your product, but if you do, you should also mention 3 or more similar products/solutions.

  • We expect all opinions to be supported by facts, links, and references. Any submissions with unsupported claims will be rejected.

  • We require all posts be a minimum of 700 words

  • We encourage the use of images in order to show what you are explaining and/or break up large sections of text. If the image is not your own, make sure to give credit to the owner. We will not tolerate plagiarism. This stands for all work not done by yourself.

  • We expect all posts to be exlusive to our blog. Reposts will be rejected.

As a Contributor, you will have a unique relationship in what you can and cannot do with the Ghost Blog platform.

Data Science Dojo contributor guidelines

  • For a more in-depth look at your capabilities, visit Ghost's website here.

Also, please provide us with:

  • a suggested summary (2 lines, up to 200 characters)
  • 4 - 5 suggested Tags
  • a brief author bio and LinkedIn URL (if available)

We have the right to reject any submission for any reason without explanation.

If your submission follows these guidelines, we will be more than happy to publish your work. You can download a PDF of the guidelines here.