In this LIGO presentation hosted by Data Science Dojo, Dr. Muzammil A. Arain discussed:

• The fascinating science behind the LIGO detectors
• The basics of gravitational waves
• LIGO’s organizational structure, and what the future holds for LIGO
• The data processing techniques employed by LIGO that enabled gravitational wave detection

About the Speaker

Dr. Muzammil A. Arain was listed as an author in the announcement of the detection of gravitational waves. This is recognition of his research work at the Department of Physics at the University of Florida from 2005-2010. He worked on the layout of recycling cavities and the provisioning of specific values for a possible design, when the LIGO detectors were undergoing an upgrade to improve sensitivity and bandwidth. The proposed design was adopted for the Advanced LIGO detectors that detected the gravitational waves.

LIGO | Listening to the Melody of the Universe