Artificial Intelligence

US-AI vs Chin-AI

Although it may still be recovering from the effects of the government shutdown, data science has received a lot of positive attention from the United States Government. Two major recent milestones include the OPEN Government Data Act and the American AI Initiative.

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Data science blogs I follow, and you should too

Working within the Data Science industry has made me religiously follow a few blogs that I use to stay up to date with industry trends, learn new concepts, and understand the vernacular. These are the data science blogs I follow, and you should too.

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My Key Takeaways from the AI for Social Good Meetup

In Austin, Texas, Chief Data Scientist and CEO of Data Science Dojo, Raja Iqbal, held a community talk on AI for Social Good. In this disscussion, he and the attendees discuss how AI can be used to make the community a better place.

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