Machine Learning

Data science blogs I follow, and you should too

Working within the Data Science industry has made me religiously follow a few blogs that I use to stay up to date with industry trends, learn new concepts, and understand the vernacular. These are the data science blogs I follow, and you should too.

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Unfolding Naive Bayes from Scratch: Part 2

If you had to get started with one machine learning algorithm, Naive Bayes would be a good choice, as it is one of the most common machine learning algorithms that can do a fairly good job at most classification tasks.

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Math for Machine Learning: Top Math Resources for Data Scientists

As I’ve written about previously, at some point every aspiring data scientist has to learn some math for machine learning. To be blunt, the more serious you are about data science, the more math you’ll need to learn. If you have a strong math background, this is likely to little issue.

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