Python Programming

Building an AI-based Chatbot in Python

Modern AI tools have made it very easy to build robust customized chatbots. In the third part of this series on chatbots, we take a closer look at AI based chatbots and learn to build one using a popular library in Python.

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Building a Rule-based Chatbot in Python

Rule-based chatbots are one of the earliest types of chatbots developed - dating back to the early 1960s. In the second part of this series on chatbots, we take a deeper look into how these chatbots work and how we can build one in Python.

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101 Data Science Interview Questions, Answers, and Key Concepts

Interviews are difficult for most people. You don't want to mess up during it, but you always think of a better response after-the-fact. Here are 101 data science interview questions with responses and suggestions from large tech companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

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